Davida helped my family take care of my mom for over two years. My mom had been recently widowed, lost her ability to drive, and was living alone. All of her children lived far away. Davida took on the role our family could not, providing companionship and support, arranging for transport to doctors and grocery stores, etc. She was professional but also genuinely caring. She connected with my mom, was consistently available for her to talk to, and always went the extra mile. In summary, she is a lovely human being and she was a joy to work with.
Wendy (California)
With Guiding Care’s comprehensive services, it feels like I have extended family taking care of all of my mom’s needs. It is so comforting to know they are on top of everything, as I live 1500+ miles away from my 93-year-old mom. Jaimee goes above and beyond, often anticipating and planning for potential issues that may occur. I highly recommend her services.
Barbara (Connecticut)
Jaimee is truly a gem! She has a kind and calm demeanor, patience, and incredible organizational skills. We are so grateful to have her helping us!
Michelle (Maryland)
Jaimee is very patient and caring, thorough, and responds promptly. My elderly father is not always the easiest the deal with and is very picky about who he allows to help him and he is very comfortable with Jaimee. So thankful she is nearby and so willing to help sometimes on very short notice. Thank you, Jaimee!
Holly (Washington)

Thank you very much to Jaimee Friedlander and especially Hope Garling, my father’s Care Coordinator in Florida, for helping my father to be comfortable while he was in a rehab facility in Florida and for helping him to have as smooth as possible of a transition from Florida to his new assisted living place in Connecticut! Also thanks to their nurse, Rhoda, for accompanying him there! Hope has been a true beacon of hope (pun intended) for me and my father to navigate the complicated waters of elder care and obtaining services, such as the wonderful referral to Visiting Angels (another great company), and whatever else was needed while my father was in Florida. Thank you and bless you!

Jodi (Connecticut)
Gail and Jaimee were so helpful to my mother. I was afraid at first to take the steps to put mom in a facility, but they helped me and mom both work through the transition. I can't thank them enough!
Sandra (Florida)
Jaimee and Guiding Care have been providing essential support for my elderly parents for nearly a year. She has proven to be incredibly empathetic as well as an extremely informed resource for medical needs and support. She also has guided our family on an array of topics ranging from transportation, securing the COVID-19 vaccine, and hurricane safety. I recommend her services and her company highly and without any hesitation!!
Robert (Massachusetts)
Davida was the most helpful and KIND person with my 91-year-old father who would never let anyone help him, but he loved her! I lived in PA, which was too hard to micromanage my Dad from far away! She connected with my father and she was always there for him and me! I could have never accomplished what I did for his well-being without her help!
Debbie (Pennsylvania)
I have no doubt Davida saved my uncle’s life! She truly is a wonderful person. I am so thankful that she was assigned to our case. She is excellent at her job for sure, but she goes above and beyond. My 93-year-old uncle was living on his own in Florida. We live in NJ and are his only close relatives. He is visually impaired and he started to mentally decline. He then got a raging UTI that was antibiotic-resistant. Davida to the rescue. She immediately got us a terrific home health aide and drivers to take him to his daily IV treatments (during the holiday season, no less). When we decided to move him to NJ she helped him pack and went through his important items and all his memorabilia and sent them to me in NJ. Besides being an unbelievable resource, more importantly, she was so kind and compassionate. She would check on my uncle periodically and sit and chat with him. She was a great confidant in helping me hash out choices in making decisions on his care. Davida sets an example for us all!
Richard (New Jersey)
Jaimee is the most capable, compassionate, dependable case manager that anyone could ever dream of. During the over 3 years that she has helped care for our mother we have come to regard her as family. She has been trustworthy, sound in her advice and perhaps most importantly, truly caring.
Dennis (Colorado)
Gail has been an absolute godsend in our lives. She helps me care for my dad in FL as I live in NY. They have developed such a close relationship because of her warmth and humor. She is on top of EVERYTHING-medical appointments, meds, tests, PT/OT, nutritional needs, staying on top of staff at the assisted living facility-the list goes on and on. She helps me look after his car and apartment and has been indispensable when things have gone wrong. She has become a trusted friend and advisor to me, calming me down during incredibly stressful periods, particularly during the transition to the ALF. She is a great resource for references for any type of service we have needed. She has been available to us during medical emergencies and has coordinated care that I couldn’t manage from afar. I can’t say enough positive things about working with Gail and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in need of her services.
Ann (New York)
Once I found Jaimee and Guiding Care, not only were all my dad's needs attended to professionally, efficiently, quickly, and competently, but my stress began to immediately lower and both my father and I were able to resume a normal and healthy relationship. And, because Jaimee goes with my father on his medical appointments and sends me a report the same day, I know I'm getting a reliable picture of how my father's doing. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with how Jaimee has helped us all at this time in our lives.
Paul (Arizona)
Jaimee has changed the game caretaking for our family in the best ways possible. She is caring and communicative and has great instincts. We are very grateful and don't know what we would do without her.
Lisa (California)
Davida is a very caring and helpful person. I would not be able to manage without her compassion and her assistance. She takes much of the burden off my shoulders.
Estelle (Florida)

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