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The Concerns of Solo Aging

The Concerns of Solo Aging Aging alone is a reality for a significant portion of the older population, with unique benefits and challenges that can impact one’s emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. While living alone offers independence and the freedom to pursue one’s own lifestyle, it can also lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and… Read More

Embracing Your Third Act

Embracing Your Third Act Welcome to your third act, a time of life that promises adventure, growth, and the joy of discovery. For many, retirement marks not an end but the beginning of an exciting new chapter, ripe with opportunities to explore passions old and new. This period can be one of the most vibrant… Read More

Patient Power

Patient Power We all know how important healthcare appointments are to our ongoing wellbeing. We also know how hectic the day is for our medical providers; the average amount of time doctors spend with patients is under 19 minutes. In this rapid healthcare environment, how can you get the care you need? Two words: patient… Read More

The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness March 20 was International Day of Happiness! The United Nations established this awareness day in 2012 as a reminder of the important role that happiness plays in the lives of people all over the globe. The pursuit of happiness is perhaps one of humanity’s oldest goals. There are countless books, articles,… Read More

Tips for Hiring Home Care

Tips for Hiring Home Care When a loved one needs more help than family members can provide, many people turn to home caregivers. But the process of finding a home caregiver can be complicated. Directly hiring a caregiver comes with the tax implications of becoming an employer. Agencies are numerous and have varying care requirements… Read More

25 Steps for Estate Planning

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A. have a wealth of knowledge. Please take a look at their website and services. Thank you for allowing me to share this article on my site. 25 Steps for Estate Planning Estate planning doesn’t have to be a grim affair. This 25-step checklist will make it… Read More

The Joy of Spring Cleaning

The Joy of Spring Cleaning Spring is right around the corner! Flowers are beginning to bloom, the days are getting longer, and it’s peak time for reminders about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting shelves and organizing closets—it’s about revitalizing our living spaces and refreshing our minds. And for older adults, spring cleaning… Read More

Talking to Kids About Dementia

Talking to Kids About Dementia When a loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia, it can be a welcome answer to years of questions. But it’s also the start of a new journey for families with lots of unknown variables. It’s a hard thing for adults to navigate—but what about kids? Maybe your teenager has… Read More

The People in Your Aging Neighborhood

The People in Your Aging Neighborhood As we journey through the various stages of life, our needs, concerns, and health considerations evolve. Aging can bring about unique challenges and require specialized care and support. However, most don’t know about these professionals until we need to interact with them. In the spirit of Sesame Street’s “The… Read More

Make Music a Part of Your Healthy Aging Plan

Make Music a Part of Your Healthy Aging Plan Music has been described by both scholars and artists as the universal language of humanity. Music is therapeutic, especially when it comes to healthy aging. As research continues to unveil the relationship between music and our minds, it becomes increasingly evident that embracing musical moments is… Read More