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Leave Behind Memories—Not Stuff

Leave Behind Memories—Not Stuff You tried sparking joy by tidying up but were left frustrated because it was hard to determine how much joy was enough to keep something. Or you decided to try minimalism—but your space felt empty and cold. Or it could be that you started off enthusiastic for a decluttering approach—but ended… Read More

Know Your Funeral Options

Know Your Funeral Options No one likes to think about their funeral, but it is important to plan how you want to be cared for after death. In fact, it can be a relief to grieving family members to know they are doing exactly what you wanted them to do. It’s even more important to… Read More

Grieving Your Health After a Diagnosis

Grieving Your Health After a Diagnosis A lot changes when someone receives a diagnosis of a serious health condition or disability. There may be changes to a person’s physical abilities, daily life, career, or long-term plans. There’s no wrong way to feel about a big change in one’s health, and complex emotions are expected. It’s… Read More